What is your favorite song to play live? +

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When I’m a parent I’m definitely going to ask my child often “are you okay?” I never want my child to be crying their eyes out when I’m peacefully sleeping under the same roof and I certainly never want them to feel like there’s nobody there for them. Because I always will be

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Yeah when you get the hang of it, dancing is like the most fun thing in the world. When you know what to do. But in the lead up to it is the most frustrating thing. I never wanted to quit something so much. (x)

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Have you ever said so much bullshit you were actually shocked anyone believed you?

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Take Me to Church
Ed Sheeran


Ed Sheeran covers Hozier - Take Me to Church

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Tweets from bands/band members to remember if you’re feeling shitty

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do you know how hard i would go for a 1d song with a nicki verse

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I’m having a conversation with one of my friends and I ask him, “What defines you?” and he responded with, “Nothing. A definition excludes the possibility for change.”

This is one of the best responses I’ve ever received to any of my questions.

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